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If you're looking for the right parts at the right price, you've come to the right place. Keyline Auto Parts are more than just car wreckers. Our knowledgeable team in Perth provides the expert advice and helpful service you require when looking for those hard to find car parts. If you're wondering where to find that part you need, give us a call.

If we don't have it here, we'll know where to source it for you. For quality parts and quality service, contact Keyline Auto Parts.

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At Keyline Auto Parts we are the professional car wreckers with a difference. We not only service and repair vehicles but also their parts, saving you time and money in the process. There's no need to trek across Perth because Keyline Auto Parts is your one-stop-shop. We offer free quotes and estimates and our specialists are more than happy to share their expertise because they know how time consuming and frustrating it can be sometimes. At Keyline Auto Parts we buy and sell used cars (with warranty) as well as new and used parts for several makes and models including:

  • Hyundai, Pulsar, Tilda
  • Kia, Daewoo
  • Laser, Festiva, Fiesta, Focus

About us

Keyline Auto Parts has more than 30 years' experience in the automotive industry. We are fully qualified as car wreckers and have extensive skill sets when it comes to vehicle parts. The knowledge of our Perth team is second to none and we are driven to always deliver top results. We place important emphasis on customer service and finding efficient solutions to make sure all jobs are completed on time and within your budget. Get back on the road with Keyline Auto Parts - the Perth car wreckers with a difference!

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